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Printed from our website on August 19, 2022
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Office Directory > Nova Scotia
Halifax/Dartmouth is handled by....

Office Code: CNP
O/B: RBR Legal Courier Services
Address: 236 Willett Street, Halifax NS  B3M 3C8
Phone: (902) 880-3491
Fax: (902) 445-9088 (Please call before sending a fax)
Email: halifax@lormit.com


Process Serving Rates:
Fee Schedule "B"; Travel - $1.05 /km, return from Courthouse

Remote/Mobile Signing Rates:
Fee Schedule "B"; Travel - $1.05 /km, return from Courthouse

Occupancy Check Rates:
Fee Schedule "B"; Travel - $1.05 /km, return from Courthouse

This office offers the following services:
Corporate Filing/Searches
Court Filing-Issuing/Searches
Document Retrieval
Identity Verification
Obtain and Witness Signatures
Obtain and Witness Signatures with Affidavit of Execution
Occupancy Checks
Process Serving
Public Record Searches
Registries Filing/Searches
Remote/Mobile Commissioner for Oaths
Skip Tracing

With office locations from Vancouver to Newfoundland Labrador, Lormit Serves Canada
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